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Twickenham Alive Film Festival 2016Stone Rowe Brewer

Sponsored by Stone Rowe Brewer

Awards & Screening Ceremony 2016
The Awards & Screening Ceremony took place on Sunday 2nd October 2016
at The Live Room, Twickenham Stadium

The following awards were given



Gibraltar Museum
Gorham Caves

Running time 5’ 07”
On 15 July 2016 Gorham’s Cave Complex, in the UK's Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, became the UK's thirtieth World Heritage site. Gorham’s Cave is the last known site of Neanderthal occupation in the world.



Rhodri Williams
A Day With Canyon - SRAM Racing

Running time 5’ 46”
A day in the life of Canyon-SRAM competing in stage 4 of the women's cycle tour.


Rhodri Williams
London by Sunrise

Running time 1’ 16”
There's a whole world happening while our eyes are closed. Filmed in Bushy Park.




Alban Low
Alphabetically Home

Running time 1’ 54”
Illustrating the diversity & culture of Twickenham.



Sophie Griffin / Tricia de Courcy Ling

Running time 4’ 11”
A documentary about Twickenham's Ferryman, Francis Spencer.



Jordan McKellar

Running time 2’ 21”
A snapshot of a visit to Italy.



Dawn Westlake
Through the Pane

Running time 6’ 21”
The pain of loss reflected through a pane of glass.



Werther Germondari

Running time 5’ 02”
The secrets of the handmade art. (Subtitled, English: Italian, audio)



Manuel Nashi
Forgotten Ideals

Running time 4’ 51”
A silent film about a drifter who travels to Paris to convince a girl to move to a commune in the countryside.



Femi Oladigbolu / Abraham Adeyemi

Running time 7’ 39”
drama/comedy centred around a day in a psychotherapists office where four very different patients overstate their ordinary issues.



Henry Bunney

Running time 8’ 15”
A short drama Fimed in Richmond Park by students from Hampton Boys School




Sav Kyriacon
Life Afloat

Running time 7’ 55”
Living afloat on the River Thames



Billy Grant / David Lane

Running time 5’ 11”
Gentry Day - A proud day for all Preston North End fans