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Awards 2014

Awards Ceremony 2014
The Awards & Screening Ceremony took place on Thursday 29th May 2014 at St Mary's University, Twickenam.

Twickenham Alive Film Festival 2014 Award Winners

Award Winners

Natural Focus Thomas Oldroyd - University Centre Doncaster
Filmed at Rabbit Ings Country Park, this film looks at the nature that surrounds “Where I Live”.

The River Alban Low
The Crane River winds its way through Twickenham
(View film HERE)

Hampton Wick Festival Hampton Wick Association - Mark Buckley
Capturing the spirit, the quirkiness, creativity and good humour that make us proud of Hampton Wick
(View film HERE)

Original Cinematography Award
Not All London is Concrete Rhodri Williams
Taken in the parks of Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington this film is a look into why I love
living here. It is the unrivalled beauty of the area.

(View film HERE)

Borneo Rivers & Behind the Scenes Henry Rogers
Films from the 1960s: a 3 year mapping project.
(View film HERE) (View Behind the Scenes film HERE)

Young Filmmaker Award
India Jordan McKellar
Follow the journey across southern India and explore the nature of this beautiful place.
(View film HERE)

Slow Down First Sight Video - Charlotte Dolman
Daisy sometimes wishes people would slow down. An encounter with a fast moving business woman upsets Daisy but it is the business woman whose pace in life results in her slowing down.
(View film HERE)

International Drama Award
Incoming Call Harley Alexander - Hong Kong
Milly’s weekly video call with her mother goes horribly wrong. A supernatural tale about extreme weather, a dodgy Wi-Fi unit and an unexpected cup of tea.
(View film HERE)

Don’t Feel Sorry for Lovers Febrianto Pudi Utama
Animated retro futuristic music video, about love and the environment
(View film HERE)

Masheenee Alcketiara Ema Shah - Kuwait
Music Video A traditional Kuwaiti girl seeking life beyond her society, to achieve her ambitions
and dreams in the modern era, to sing, to dance, and to flourish.

(View film HERE)


The inaugural launch of the Twickenham Alive Film Festival took place in Autumn 2012 at an open-air cinema event in the grounds of Strawberry Hill House; the call for entries was screened on the magnificent white walls of Horace Walpole’s Gothic castle, one of the treasures of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

The first film entry submitted from the Borough was from the London Wetland Centre in Barnes, a beautiful nature reserve of lakes, pools and meadows. This was closely followed by short films from Teddington, one of the Borough’s villages and famed for Teddington Studios. (Nearby, Twickenham Film Studios in St Margaret’s and on the border of East Twickenham is known for iconic films such as Alfie and A Hard Day’s Night). Twickenham’s entries to the Festival are also coming in, one film highlighting the magic of a sometimes overlooked area of the Thames riverside.

Surprisingly, the news of the Twickenham Alive Film Festival has already carried across the world with entries from Japan, Brazil, the USA, India, Portugal and Italy.

Back in the Borough the students of Richmond College have been filming enthusiastically and we are looking forward to receiving their entries. Encouraging film making and building on the heritage of the Borough is something Twickenham Alive seeks to promote and in turn we are supported by organizations such as the British Film Institute and others in the aim of building future filmmakers.

The run up to the first Twickenham Film Festival had been relatively short but the final event and screenings on 26 April 2013 at the Live Room, Twickenham Stadium marked the beginning of the Twickenham Alive Film Festival. The second screenings and awards ceremoy took place on 29th May 2014 at St Mary's University, Twickenham. We look forward to the third screening and awards ceremony on 18th June 2015 at The Mary Wallace Theatre, Twickenham.


Please contact us if you would like further information or to discuss your film project